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Microhydrin & Stem Kine
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Todd Thompson CEO Royal Responder, Inc.

Microhydrin is a dietary supplement that is safe antioxidant that can help you with:

  • improved athletic performance*
  • increase your energy and endurance*
  • reduce soreness after exercise*
  • improve saliva pH and urine pH*
  • improve intracellular hydration*
  • improve cellular oxygenation*
  • enhance your ability to absorb nutrients and flush out toxins*

Save 20% off the retail price of any RBC products, including Microhydrin or Microhydrin Plus, Stem-Kine, MSM with Microhydrin, Spirulina, Silver 22 - Colliodal Silver, Protivity - Free form Amino Acids - Build Muscle FASTER, Phycotene - Algae based antixidant, Triple FX Energy Shots citrus or natural, 24Seven, Pure Enzymes - Powerful Digestive Enzyme Support, Cola Vada, TrueAloe.
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